Here’s what is changing from March 1st ,2018

As per the revised guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India, all Udio wallet users need to adhere to additional KYC norms. Now the customers need to update their Aadhaar to enjoy facilities like Add Money, Transfer money to bank account or to Udio wallets of their friends and family. Customers who fail to verify their Aadhaar shall also have a reduced wallet limit of Rs. 10,000.

However, you need not worry. Your money is safe with us. You will be able to use your balances for transactions upto your available balance in the wallet or Rs.10,000 per month whichever is lower. By providing Aadhaar and verifying it via OTP you can continue to enjoy all the other facilities of Udio Wallet along with increased wallet balance limits of Rs. 1 lac.

Our 3 step updation process

  1. Click on the link ( ) to enter Mobile Number and OTP required to validate your mobile number
  2. Enter Aadhaar details
  3. Enter OTP received from UIDAI and complete the updation process.

You can perform steps 2 & 3 from your Udio Wallet Mobile App as well. Click App Store Download   Play Store Download to download the updated version.


  1. What if I don’t update my Aadhaar? Can I still use my Udio wallet balance for bill payments, recharges and other merchant outlets?

    You, irrespective of your KYC status, will be able to use available Udio Wallet balance for all your transactions. However, you will not be able to Add Money or Transfer funds to any bank account or other Udio wallets.

  2. I have balance in my Wallet, but I am unable to transact. why?

    This can happen when you have crossed the monthly transacting limit of Rs.10,000 per month. To increase your load and spend limits, please update & validate your Aadhaar. If you are still unable to transact, please contact us at

  3. I am not able to add money even providing the Aadhaar?

    If you have not validated your Aadhaar your status is a Minimum KYC customer. A Minimum KYC customer can maintain a balance upto Rs.10,000 at any point in time. There is also a Rs.10,000 restriction for loads & spends respectively to such customers. Your inability to load money can be because of any of the below mentioned scenarios

    1. Wallet balance is more than 10,000
    2. You have loaded for Rs.10,000 during the month

    For any other reasons, please contact us at

  4. I have updated my Aadhaar but the same could not be validated as I didn’t receive OTP from UIDAI. Can I still add money?

    You can continue to add or receive money as you have provided your Aadhaar number. However, to increase your wallet balance limit to Rs. 1 lac and to avail of fund transfer facility, you need to validate Aadhaar by authenticating the OTP from UIDAI.

  5. My mobile number linked for Udio wallet is my official number and the mobile number linked with UIDAI is my personal number, can I still update & validate my Aadhaar?

    Yes, you can.

  6. What are the increased wallet limits after validating my Aadhaar?

    A customer who has validated their Aadhaar is e-KYC.  The balance in your Udio Wallet at any point in time cannot exceed Rs. 1 Lac and the spends in a year cannot exceed Rs.2 Lacs

  7. How much money can I send to my bank account from my wallet?

    You can send money only if you have updated and validated your Aadhaar. You can send upto 50,000 per beneficiary per month.

  8. Are there any charges to transfer money to a bank account from my wallet?

    There are no charges for transfer upto Rs. 500 per month. Any transfer to bank above Rs.500 shall be charged 2.75% of the transaction value.

  9. Are there any charges to add money into my Udio wallet?

    You can continue to add money including Credit Cards, Debit Cards & Net Banking. There are NO CHARGES for money added using DEBIT CARDS. However, you will be charged Rs. 50 on money added using Credit Cards and Net banking

  10. Do you still have any unanswered question? Write to us at